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Events [Audio] Claim that ?Rulings of Shariah only for Prophets and Commoners? and not for those having hidden Knowledge directly from Allah ? Abu Khadijah Talhat As-Senegaali [Audio

Khutbah (16th March 2012) by Abu Khadijah Talhat As-Senegaali
Khutbah based on the tafseer by Shaykh Muhammad Ameen al Shanqeeti (rahimahullaah) Adwa ul Bayan Vol.4 pg 174-175
(Khutbah given at Masjid Ibn Abbas, College Park, GA)
Audio Source:**-*Khutbahs_at_Masjid_Ibn_Abbas
One of the most dangerous of the contemporary movements is the group known as the Naqshbandi Tariqat.*Like most deviant groups, they claim that the Muslim masses are ignorant and are therefore in need of a Sheikh (leader) who is supposed to possess the secret knowledge of the unseen. They also claim that all religious texts have an obvious outer meaning known to the masses and a hidden meaning known only to the Sheikh, and that the masses are unable to contact Allah on their own and hence are in need of an intermediary (Sheikh) who will get them close to Allah if given unquestionable and unconditional obedience. – Posted from:*The Naqshabandi Tariqah*Unveiled
THE ISLAMIC BELIEF:*No hidden knowledge in Islaam, everything is given in the Qur’an and Sunnah.
The Prophet Muhammad (sallAllahu `alaihi wa sallam) said in an authentic hadith -
I have not left*anything*which Allah ordered you with, except that I have ordered you with it, nor*anything*that Allah forbade you, except that I forbade you from it.” (Sahih, al-Baihaqee 7:76, Arabic)
THE NAQSHBANDI BELIEF: Sheikh has hidden knowledge.
In spite of the above clear hadith, the deviant Naqshbandi claim that there is ‘secret knowledge’ with the Sheikh, for example on page 60-61 of the book ‘Haqiqat ul Haqqani’*in the 3rd*paragraph it reads -
Vast amounts of hidden knowledge have been communicated to his mureeds by Mowlana Sheikh Nazim in this manner. Questions by these mureeds regarding day to day life, or questions relating to religion … and also many other subjects have been answered by Mowlana Sheikh Nazim. When this type of communication has been granted to a mureed, he no longer needs to resort to books to further his knowledge.
Posted from:*The Naqshabandi Tariqah*Unveiled
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