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Events [Audio] The Extreme Danger of Self-Amazement ? by Shaykh ?Abdul?Azeez ibn Yahya al-Bura?ee [Audio|Ar-En]

Oftentimes, when an individual acquires a certain level of knowledge and has a favourable number of followers, they sometimes become amazed at themselves, their knowledge and their own ability. Thus they deem themselves self sufficient and become haughty and arrogant thinking that the people are in need of them. This*‘ujub*(self-amazement) is regrettable and unfortunately rampant in the west, especially amongst those who claim to be upon the*Dawah*tus*Salafiyyah*where they see themselves as the savior of*Salafiyyahand think that the*dawah*cannot thrive without them.
This is a grave deception of the*shaytaan*that we should all be aware of and strive to guard ourselves against. We must look to the*salaf*and how they feared this for themselves and aim to imitate them in every single aspect of this beautiful*Deen.
Imam Ibnul Qayyim (rahimahullaah)*states in*Al Fawaa-id*that*Ibn Sa’d (rahimahullaah)*mentions in*At Tabaqaat*about*Umar Bin Abdul Azeez (rahimahullaah)*that:
Whenever he delivered a*khutbah*on the*minbar, and feared being amazed by himself; he would terminate it (i.e. the*khutbah).*And whenever he wrote a letter and feared amazement by way of it; he would tear it. *And he would say: ”O*Allaah! I seek refuge in you from the evil of my*nafs.’‘*
Our*Shaykh*will admonish us concerning this pertinent issue and advise us on how we can safeguard ourselves from this self amazement,*InshaaAllaah.
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