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Default Benefit: Advice of Shaykh Muhammad ibn Haadee to one who Tried to Take His Picture During a Class

What are you doing, Akhee? O our brother…I do not know, what do you benefit from At-Tasweer (picture taking) and taking it (the picture) with you. Na’am; Allaah is Beseeched for Help. (People) are put to trial with this Tasweer. The Fitnah of it increased when the means for it became easily accessible and it came to be within these cellular phones. Before, a person with be somewhat ashamed to carry a camera to the Masaajid. Now, it came to be within these phones so they dared to venture into this prohibited Tasweer which the Prophet ? cursed the one who does it. So the people are in need of being reminded and clarification that At-Tasweer in from the MAJOR SINS; because the Prophet ? cursed the picture maker, as is within the Saheeh. What could one want, beyond this explicit text? I wish I knew, what does the one who errs (in this regard) say about this authentic and explicit Hadeeth? There has preceded with us the speech of the scholars and we have mentioned it numerous times; that the authentic and explicit texts which do not have an abrogating (text) nor is there anything to contradict them, obligate that one be stern in repudiation of the one who opposes them. Not just repudiation; but sternness in doing so. This is because these texts are explicit, and do not leave room for interpretation. So as it relates to Tasweer, O assembly of brothers, if you see something from it—may Allaah reward you with good—then alert (the people) for many of them are ignorant; they are not aware of the texts and they don’t know them. Alert them and clarify to them the severe threat. And the reason for laxity regarding it now is these means which have become easy within the hands of the elders as well as the youth; even the children. So it has become easy to take pictures by way of them. We ask Allaah for safety and security.
Translated By: Raha ibn Donald Batts
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