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Default Beware of Extremism in the Religion ? Abdulilah Lahmami [Audio|En]

Broadcasted ONLINE Via:*Mixlr ID: Masjid as Siddheeq
It is narrated by Imaam Ahmad, Nis’aee and Ibn Majah on the authority of Abdullah bin ‘Abbas –RadhiAllaahu anhuma- who said:
‘The Messenger of Allaah – sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam- said to me on the morning of ‘Aqaba while he was on his she-camel: ‘Collect small stones for me.’
So I collected seven small stones for him from the little stones and began to shake off their dust from his palm while he was saying: ‘Throw stones the likes of these (type and size stones).’
Then he said: ‘O you people beware of exaggerating in the Deen because what destroyed those before you was indeed exaggeration in the Deen.’[1]
This chain of narration is authentic according to the conditions of Muslim as Shaykh-ul-Islam -Rahimullaah- and others have mentioned.
[1]*Al-Musnad, Sunan Nisa’ee & Sunan Ibn majah
[Shaytan Strives to turn the Believers far away from Allaah’s Straight Path either through Extremism or Negligence –*]
Listen / Download Mp3 Here (Time 29:11)

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