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Default Doubts About Thanksgiving? ? Moosa Richardson [Audio|En]

as-Salaamu ‘alaykum
As more and more ignorant people give more and more fatwas legitimizing Christian holidays and the celebrations of non-Muslim people, we need to return back to our pure religion based on the Quran and Sunnah as understood by the Companions and the early scholars of Islaam. Islaam is what they understood and practiced, not what the later corrupt deviants have added and polluted.
Here are some important words about Thanksgiving offered in a recent khutbah, covering important topics, like:
Thanksgiving referenced in a Quranic passage
The position of the early scholars
The position of the later scholars upon their way
Some amazing words from Imaam ath-Thahabee
Doubts clarified:
“Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday.”
“Most Muslims celebrate it.”

“You can fast on Thanksgiving but still participate.”
“Thanksgiving is a day of offering thanks to Allaah, so Muslims must endorse it.”
“We only celebrate it to give the children something interesting to do.”
and more…
Here is the link to the recorded khutbah:
We hope that Allaah blesses some of His sincere servants to gain clarity in the Religion*through it.
Moosaa Richardson
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