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Default Ramadhaan ? The second point of reflection ? By Shaykh Sulaymaan Ar-Ruhaylee

Translated by Abu Afnaan Muhammad Abdullah ???? ????
Shaykh Sulaymaan Ar-Ruhaylee ???? ????:
The second point of reflection is a reminder. Last year, 0 servants of Allah, Ramadhaan came upon us and we exerted ourselves a little and were negligent in many ways. We were lazy in many ways and were surprised when Ramadhaan ended and we bade it farewell. We were regretful of our negligence therein and promised ourselves that if we make it to the next Ramadhaan, we would exert ourselves in worship and that we would not be negligent or lazy.
Here we are, 0 servants of Allah, we have begun Ramadan and days from it have passed us by. So what have we done regarding our promises? Have we been generous with ourselves by exerting ourselves in these blessed days or have we returned to what we were upon before; exerting ourselves a little and being negligent a lot? It is incumbent, O servants of Allah, to remember our condition last Ramadan so that we can improve our condition in this current Ramadan as it is only a minute number of days, 0 servants of Allah, before it ends.
Thus, it is obligatory upon us to honor ourselves by exerting ourselves in acts obedience as anyone of us does not know if he will or will not make it to the next Ramadan. How many of our loved ones fasted with us last Ramadan, but today they are lost amongst us and have entered their graves. Allah knows*best about our situation. Therefore, we need to make the most of this Ramadan doing righteous deeds as in this lies our happiness in this life and the next.
Video Courtesy: Bilal Nahim
Reference: AbdurRahman.Org

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