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Default The Masjid of The People of Innovation is Cleaner and More Comfortable….!!! ? Answered by Sheikh Saleh al Fowzan

Answered by Sheikh Saleh al Fowzan at the end of his lesson on 28 Thul Hijjah 1434h. | Saturday November 2nd, 2013
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Some people in our country pray and attend the masaajid (plural of masjid) of the people of innovation and desires. When we advise them, they respond:*These masaajid are cleaner and more comfortable than the masaajid of Ahlu Sunnah!
How should we respond to their statement, and is it allowed for one to perform (such an) action?
If this person intends to go there to admonish them, correct them, and display the Sunnah, then there is no problem in him going, and this is something good. As for him saying that they (the masaajid of the people of innovation and desires) are cleaner and, and…*This speech is erroneous, and it is an indication that he prefers the people of innovation over the people of the Sunnah. This is a very dangerous affair. In addition, why doesn’t he clean the masaajid of the people of the Sunnah? He should seek reward from Allah and clean the masaajid, or find someone to clean them.
(Q&A at end of lesson)
Translator’s comment:
The speech of our beloved father is a clear indication that the people of the Sunnah should act upon the following:
  1. They should strive to be in the company of the people of the Sunnah
  2. They should strive to help with the upkeep of the masaajid of the people of the Sunnah
  3. They should be diligent and eager in providing any and all forms of support (physical, financial, etc) to the masaajid of the people of the Sunnah
  4. Those in charge of the masaajid should try their best to thorough keep these places of worship clean, comfortable, and free of all forms of harm (shirk, innovation, fitna, hizbiyah, dirt, filth, etc.)*[1]
  5. If a person of the Sunnah attends a masjid of the people of innovation, he should admonish them, correct them, or call them to the Sunnah.
Mustafa George DeBerry
Riyadh, K.S.A
28 Thul Hijjah 1434h. | Saturday November 2nd, 2013
[1]*Sheikh Saleh ala Sheik said: It is upon the individuals responsible in the masjid to make it a place of good, kindness, and learning.*They should likewise make it a place of comfort, relaxation, unity of the hearts and assisting upon good, righteousness and taqwa. (Al Aimah wa Muathinoon pg. 5)
Sheikh Ahmad an Najmi (may Allah have mercy on him) said: Being that the masjid is the source of all good,*it is mandatory upon those who are responsible for the masjid to only allow*those who are qualified to be responsible for the masjid. Those who teach in it, it should be known by way of their lectures, sermons, speeches and lessons, that they call to that which is supported by the Book, the Sunnah and the guidance of the Salaf as Saleh.*As for the individual who is accused; based on proofs, that he is a hizbee and he spreads, supports and calls to innovation, they should forbid this person from teaching in the masjid. *(The Place of the Masjid in Islam pg. 90)
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