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Flag Green The Reality of Dhikr and Fear of Allah

The Reality of Dhikr and Fear of Allah

It is reported that Sa??d b. Jubayr – All?h have mercy on him – said:
Verily, fear (al-khashyah) is that you fear All?h such that your fear comes between you and your disobedience (of All?h). That is khashyah. And dhikr (remembrance) is obedience to All?h: whoever obeys All?h has remembered Him; and whoever does not obey Him is not a rememberer of Him, even if he says a lot of tasb?? and recites a lot of Qur?n.
Al-Dhahab?, Siyar ?A?l?m Al-Nubal?? 4:326.
  1. Beware the Sinful Scholar
  2. Will Allah Punish Me for Praying? [Bidah]
  3. How the Salaf were (and weren’t) when hearing the Quran and Dhikr
  4. Dhikr and Sleep
  5. Ali on fear, hope, knowledge and patience

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