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RSS "Ramadhaan Muslims"

"Ramadhaan Muslims"


Question: There is a saying which goes "The people who only know Allah in Ramadan will not be successful.” Is this a hadeeth?

Answer: This is a saying from some of the pious predecessors about people who worship Allah attentively in Ramadan. And when Ramadan finishes they stop. Therefore he said, "How miserable is the person who only knows Allah during Ramadan.”

This statement is correct for the person that abandons obligations (outside of Ramadan). This saying doesn’t refer to the person who doesn’t continue to practice the sunnan acts outside of Ramadan.

This is a correct statement. The intended meaning here refers to people who practice Allah’s rights temporarily. They pray in Ramadan and in the other eleven months of the year they don’t. This kind of person is pitiful; as he disbelieves in Allah with these kinds of actions. To willfully abandon the prayer is disbelief. We ask Allah for pardon.

Now on the other hand to stop practicing some of the recommended deeds outside of Ramadan is harmless. This is because during Ramadan people strive with their upmost ability to perform various sunnan acts of worship along with voluntary contributions and so forth. Hence if he falls short in doing these acts after Ramadan we don’t consider him a wretched person.

Translated by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle
Doha, Qatar© 26/8/1429

Oh Allah allow us to be mindful of You year round. Allah we ask you to let the Quran be our companion throughout the year. And don’t write us among those who only cry and visit Your house in Ramadan. Ameen.


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