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Youtube Be With the Hizb of Allah Not the Hizb of a Shaykh or Partisan Group | Shaykh Rabee

Be With the Hizb of Allah Not the Hizb of a Shaykh or Partisan Group | Shaykh Rabee ibn Hadee al-Madkhalee Shaykh Rabee al-Madkhalee: Do not fanatically cling to personalities, methodologies, partisan groups or vain loyalties for indeed, by Allah, this has ripped the Ummah apart and now it is ripping apart the unity of the youth who ascribe to the Salafi methodology; the fanatical clinging to this or that, because your point of reference is [should be] the truth –the truth which the evidences and proofs are based upon. So if you know the truth in any aspect of the Sunnah then bite [hold] onto it with your molar teeth and cling to it and know that it is far greater in the sight of Allah than personalities and groups, and Allah loves those who love this truth and He loves those who aid its victory and thus All?h gives victory to such a person and supports him, so be from the hizb of All?h not from the hizb of so-and-so no matter what extent he has reached in status [and knowledge]. Be from the hizb of Allah – The Mighty and Majestic- those whom I alluded to in […]

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