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Articles from Trusted Sites
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Youtube ?I came to know his [Shaykh Rabee] Precision in knowledge? ? al-Mubarakfuree

Shaykh Abdullah al-Bukharee: As for Shaykh Safiyyur-Rahmaan al-Mubarakfuree, I also studied with him. I read to him the 6 books [of hadith], and we would go through portions of them and we went through Jami’ at-Tirmidhi plentifully,*and some books of nahw and sarf which were popular in India. Likewise some books of Aqeedah and other than that. I stayed with him for approximately two years, and the Shaykh be silent mostly, he loved the Sunnah and an aider of it. I remember when I asked him about our Shaykh, Shaykh Rabee – because Shaykh (Rabee) remained there in India for a number years in Varanasi , approximately 7 years, and during that time I believe he authored the book, his Master’s dissertation ‘Between the 2 Imams Muslim and ad-Daaraqutni’.*And the first edition of the book – which is the one I have – was published there in Varanasi at Salafi Publication in Varanasi, India. He said: ‘Shaykh Rabee delegated me to supervise the edition’ because he left it [in India] and returned [to KSA], ‘So I supervised the publishing of the dissertation there’* He – and I always remember this,*’I never imagined until now, that I would supervise a dissertation […]

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