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Feed [TROID] Benefit: Ahl al-Sunnah are not Harmed by Those Who Oppose Them!!

In the name of All?h, al-Ra?m?n, al-Rah?m
An important benefit from the khutbah at TROID (Masjid al-Furq?n) entitled: The Evils of Plotting and Disunity. The noble speaker, Ab? Khad?jah states:
“They were once with us, in this masjid (TROID), next to us, praying with us, that (you would feel) we are united, (upon) the haqq, we will spread the da?wah together, you pray with him, year in, year out, then a time comes, that that same individual disappears from your presence, you don’t see him again, then you realise that he is plotting against the same people that he was praying next to, foot to foot, heel to heel, fighting against them, warning against them, gathering the people against them…to harm who? The people you’ve been commanded to unite with!!! but ????? ??? ‘they are not harmed by those who oppose them or differ with them or abandon them!!’”
“We should know what unites us and what divides us…don’t allow individuals to come into your ranks that they were once with you then they divided from you and then they try to recruit you to divide the ranks of the people of Sunnah…do not allow that!”
“The haqq is one, the people (of haqq) are united, they are the ones who connect you to the scholars…they love the Sunnah…they will not compromise the Sunnah…do not sell your religion (short).”
“Do not open your hearts to argumentation, it leads a person to change his religion.”
“Do not deceive yourselves for you will only harm yourself.”
“May All?h preserve and protect our communities, from the people of deviation, from the people of bid?ah, from those individuals who come upon our ranks to cause confusion and splitting amongst our ranks, so much so that brothers who used to love each other for the sake of Allah now hate each other, do not be swayed, do not be like feathers in the breeze, know the truth, stick to the truth and do not compromise the truth!!!

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