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Feed [TROID] Hasan al-Sumal?: The Speakers Promoted by Khalid ibn al-Wal?d Mosque

In the name of All?h, al-Ra?m?n, al-Rah?m
During a TROID Seminar in 2002 entitled We Accompany the Sunnah Wherever it Goes, the noble brother and student of Im?m Muqbil ibn H?d? al-W?di??, Abu ?Abdull?h Hasan al-?um?l? answers a question about Kh?lid ibn al-Wal?d masjid and the speakers they promote. The noble speaker explains how they promote Shar?f ?Abdi N?r (refuted by Shaykh Muqbil), ??lih al-Munajjid (defender of Sayyid Qutb, Takf?r?, Kh?rij? figurehead, refuted by Shaykh Rab?? ibn H?d? and others), also, how the Im?m (Bashir), "if you were to listen to his tapes you would think he is someone at war with the manhaj of the Salaf...not someone who is a person of ?ilm". He also explains how KBW is a masjid that propped up the speakers of Jam??ah al-Ittih?d (a political party in Somalia, built upon the principles of Sayyid Qutb and the Muslim Brotherhood, that spread discord and seperation, members of al-Shab?b evolved out of this group that was more prominent in the 80s and 90s). Abu ?Abdull?h Hasan al-?um?l? makes mention of the recordings made between TROID and the scholars about Bash?r and KBW, for the people to take heed of these admonisions and to move on with the da?wah. The speaker emphasises, "there are no Scholars in the West" and explains why they (Bash?r et al.) put down the scholars and put themselves up, calling themselves "shaykhs" on their websites and flyers, why?, "to keep your ignorant, to keep you in darkness". The speaker concludes by imploring those confused to learn the books of tawh?d, learn the books of sunnah, be with righteous companions who traverse the same path (a key point as it is often old friends and allegiances that stops people from leaving hizbiyyah). Hasan al-?um?l? (a Somali himself) mentions that many people will refuse to leave the hizbiyyah of KBW because "its my people," this being the trap of prefering nationalism over the truth.
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