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Default Re: Comprehensive Lecture Series, by Dr. Saleh as-Saleeh (raheemullah)

Pillar4 - Fasting - Issues FAQ

Q Fasting blood donation
Q Fasting brushing with toothpaste - gargling - rinsing mouth
Q Fasting dental anesthesia - dentist visit - tooth extraction
Q Fasting illness - diabetes
Q Fasting illness - heart problems - high blood pressure
Q Fasting illness - kidney stone
Q Fasting illness - mental illness
Q Fasting illness - recovery anticipated or not anticipated
Q Fasting illness - treatment with nosedrops
Q Fasting incense - candle - air freshener - perfume - deodorant - insecticide
Q Fasting inhaler oct 13 05
Q Fasting IV infusion - local anesthesia - suppository - lotion
Q Fasting kohl - applying it while fasting
Q Fasting medication - diet pills
Q Fasting medication for allergy - nasal spray
Q Fasting medication taken and abstaining from food
Q Fasting medication with or without water
Q Fasting saliva - dust - sputum
Q Fasting Shaban - last part and 15th of Shaban
Q Fasting shower - rinsing mouth
Q Fasting travel - 3 situations in regards to harship level
Q Fasting travel - journey in a plane while fasting
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