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Default Re: Comprehensive Lecture Series, by Dr. Saleh as-Saleeh (raheemullah)

Seerah - Stories of Muslims

001- Pearls of Grace - On Acts of Worship - Saying of Ibn Taymiyyah
01- The Story of Islam of a Monk from Rome
002- Pearls of Grace - Dream of the King of Greater Syria and his Trip to Madeenah
02- Umm Saalih - A Grand-Mother Memorizes Quraan
003- Pearls of Grace - The Settling of Knowledge in the Heart - Ibn Taymiyyah
03- Story of the Necklace
03- Story of the Pearl Necklace
004- Pearls of Grace - Consequences of Opposing the Messenger - Ibn Taymiyyah
04- The Camel Given In Charity dec 22 07
005- Pearls of Grace - Being Born in Islam vs Accepting Islam Later in Life - Ibnn Taymiyyah
006- Pearls of Grace - Humbleness of Imaam Ahmad
007- Pearls of Grace - A Person Will Be With Those He Loves - Comments of Ibn Taymiyyah
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