002 - Soorah al-Baqarah - (The Cow) - [Makkee]

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[002.025] And give glad tidings to those who believe and do righteous good deeds, that for them will be Gardens under which rivers flow (Paradise). Every time they will be provided with a fruit therefrom, they will say: "This is what we were provided with before," and they will be given things in resemblance (i.e. in the same form but different in taste) and they shall have therein Azw‚jun Mutahharatun (purified mates or wives), and they will abide therein forever.


[002.026] Verily, All‚h is not ashamed to set forth a parable even of a mosquito or so much more when it is bigger (or less when it is smaller) than it. And as for those who believe, they know that it is the Truth from their Lord, but as for those who disbelieve, they say: "What did All‚h intend by this parable?" By it He misleads many, and many He guides thereby. And He misleads thereby only those who are Al-F‚siqŻn (the rebellious, disobedient to All‚h).


[002.027] Those who break All‚h's Covenant after ratifying it, and sever what All‚h has ordered to be joined (as regards All‚h's religion of Isl‚mic Monotheism, and to practise its laws on the earth and also as regards keeping good relations with kith and kin), and do mischief on earth, it is they who are the losers.


[002.028] How can you disbelieve in All‚h? seeing that you were dead and He gave you life. Then He will give you death, then again will bring you to life (on the Day of Resurrection) and then to Him you will return. (See V.40:11)


[002.029] He it is Who created for you all that is on earth. Then He rose over (Istaw‚) towards the heaven and made them seven heavens and He is the All-Knower of everything.




(V.2:25) Having no menses, stools, urine. See Tafsir Ibn Kathir and also see the footnote of (V.29:64)


(V.2:26) We have retained this peculiar English construction in order to capture the Arabic idiom here.


(V.2:27) Narrated Jub‚ir bin Mut'im [radhi-yAll‚hu 'anhu] that he heard the Prophet [sal-All‚hu 'alayhi wa sallam] saying, "Q‚ti' (the person who severs the bond of kinship) will not enter Paradise." [Sahih Al-Bukh‚ri, 8/5984 (O.P.13)]


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