006 - Soorah al-An'aam - (The Cattle) - [Makkee]

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[006:138] And according to their claim, they say that such and such cattle and crops are forbidden, and none should eat of them except those whom we allow. And (they say) there are cattle forbidden to be used for burden (or any other work), and cattle on which (at slaughtering) the Name of Allāh is not pronounced; lying against Him (Allāh). He will recompense them for what they used to fabricate.


[006:139] And they say: "What is in the bellies of such and such cattle (milk or foetus) is for our males alone, and forbidden to our females (girls and women), but if it is born dead, then all have shares therein." He will punish them for their attribution (of such false orders to Allāh). Verily, He is All-Wise, All-Knower. (Tafsir At-Tabarī)


[006:140] Indeed lost are they who have killed their children, foolishly, without knowledge, and have forbidden that which Allāh has provided for them, inventing a lie against Allāh. They have indeed gone astray and were not guided.


[006:141] And it is He Who produces gardens trellised and untrellised, and date palms, and crops of different shape and taste (their fruits and their seeds) and olives, and pomegranates, similar (in kind) and different (in taste). Eat of their fruit when they ripen, but pay the due thereof (its Zakāt, according to Allāh's Orders, 1/10th or 1/20th) on the day of its harvest, and waste not by extravagance. Verily, He likes not Al-Musrifūn (those who waste by extravagance),


[006:142] And of the cattle (are some) for burden (like camel) and (some are) small (unable to carry burden like sheep and goats for food, meat, milk and wool). Eat of what Allāh has provided for you, and follow not the footsteps of Shaitān (Satan). Surely, he is to you an open enemy.




(V.6:141): See the footnote of (V.4:5).


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