008 - Soorah al-Anfaal - (The Spoils of War) - [Madanee]

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[008:046] And obey Allh and His Messenger [sal-Allhu 'alayhi wa sallam], and do not dispute (with one another) lest you lose courage and your strength departs, and be patient. Surely, Allh is with those who are As-Sbirn (the patient).


[008:047] And be not like those who come out of their homes boastfully and to be seen of men, and hinder (men) from the path of Allh; and Allh is Muhtun (encircling and thoroughly comprehending) all that they do.


[008:048] And (remember) when Shaitn (Satan) made their (evil) deeds seem fair to them and said, "No one of mankind can overcome you this day (of the battle of Badr) and verily, I am your Jar [protector, helper, neighbour (for every help)]." But when the two forces came in sight of each other, he ran away and said "Verily, I have nothing to do with you. Verily, I see what you see not. Verily, I fear Allh for Allh is Severe in punishment."


[008:049] When the hypocrites and those in whose hearts was a disease (of disbelief) said: "These people (Muslims) are deceived by their religion." But whoever puts his trust in Allh, then surely, Allh is All-Mighty, All-Wise.


[008:050] And if you could see when the angels take away the souls of those who disbelieve (at death); they smite their faces and their backs, (saying): "Taste the punishment of the blazing Fire."


[008:051] "This is because of that which your hands have forwarded. And verily, Allh is not unjust to His slaves."


[008:052] Similar to the behaviour of the people of Fir'aun (Pharaoh), and of those before them they rejected the Ayt (proofs, verses, etc.) of Allh, so Allh punished them for their sins. Verily, Allh is All-Strong, Severe in punishment.



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