012 - Soorah Yoosuf - ((Prophet) Joseph) - [Makkee]

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[012:044]. They said: "Mixed up false dreams and we are not skilled in the interpretation of dreams."


[012:045] Then the man who was released (one of the two who were in prison), now at length remembered and said: "I will tell you its interpretation, so send me forth."


[012:046] (He said): "O Ysuf (Joseph), the man of truth! Explain to us (the dream) of seven fat cows whom seven lean ones were devouring, and of seven green ears of corn, and (seven) others dry, that I may return to the people, and that they may know."


[012:047] [Ysuf (Joseph)] said: "For seven consecutive years, you shall sow as usual and that (the harvest) which you reap you shall leave it in the ears, (all) except a little of it which you may eat.


[012:048] "Then will come after that, seven hard (years), which will devour what you have laid by in advance for them, (all) except a little of that which you have guarded (stored).


[012:049] "Then thereafter will come a year in which people will have abundant rain and in which they will press (wine and oil)."


[012:050] And the king said: "Bring him to me." But when the messenger came to him, [Ysuf (Joseph)] said: "Return to your lord and ask him, 'What happened to the women who cut their hands? Surely, my Lord (Allh) is All-Knower of their plot."'


[012:051] (The King) said (to the women): "What was your affair when you did seek to seduce Ysuf (Joseph)?" The women said: "Allh forbid! No evil know we against him!" The wife of Al-'Azz said: "Now the truth is manifest (to all); it was I who sought to seduce him, and he is surely of the truthful."


[012:052] [Then Ysuf (Joseph) said: "I asked for this enquiry] in order that he (Al-'Azz) may know that I betrayed him not in (his) absence. And verily, Allh guides not the plot of the betrayers."





a) Narrated Ibn 'Umar [radhi-yAllhu 'anhumaa]: The Prophet [sal-Allhu 'alayhi wa sallam] said, "For every betrayer (perfidious person), a flag will be raised on the Day of Resurrection, and it will be announced (publicly): 'This is the betrayal (perfidy) of so-and-so, the son of so-and-so."' [Sahih Al-Bukhari, 8/6177 (O.P.196)]

b) See the footnote of (V.4:145).


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