016 - Soorah an-Nahl - (The Bees) - [Makkee]

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[016:027] Then, on the Day of Resurrection, He will disgrace them and will say: "Where are My (so-called) partners concerning whom you used to disagree and dispute (with the believers, by defying and disobeying All‚h)?" Those who have been given the knowledge (about the torment of All‚h for the disbelievers) will say: "Verily, disgrace and misery this Day are upon the disbelievers.


[016:028] "Those whose lives the angels take while they are doing wrong to themselves (by disbelief and by associating partners in worship with All‚h and by committing all kinds of crimes and evil deeds)." Then they will make (false) submission (saying): "We used not to do any evil." (The angels will reply): "Yes! Truly, All‚h is All-Knower of what you used to do.


[016:029] "So enter the gates of Hell, to abide therein, and indeed, what an evil abode will be for the arrogant."


[016:030] And (when) it is said to those who are the MuttaqŻn (the pious. See V.2:2) "What is it that your Lord has sent down?" They say: "That which is good." For those who do good in this world, there is good, and the home of the Hereafter will be better. And excellent indeed will be the home (i.e. Paradise) of the MuttaqŻn (the pious. See V.2:2).


[016:031] 'Adn (Eden) Paradise (Gardens of Eternity) which they will enter, under which rivers flow, they will have therein all that they wish. Thus All‚h rewards the MuttaqŻn (the pious. See V.2:2).


[016:032] Those whose lives the angels take while they are in a pious state (i.e. pure from all evil, and worshipping none but All‚h Alone) saying (to them): "Sal‚mun 'Alaikum (peace be on you) enter you Paradise, because of that (the good) which you used to do (in the world)."


[016:033] Do they (the disbelievers and polytheists) await but that the angels should come to them [to take away their souls (at death)], or there should come the command (i.e. the torment or the Day of Resurrection) of your Lord? Thus did those before them. And All‚h wronged them not, but they used to wrong themselves.


[016:034] Then, the evil results of their deeds overtook them, and that at which they used to mock at surrounded them.




(V.16:29) See the footnote of (V.2:31)


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