017 - Soorah al-Israa. - (The Journey by Night) - [Makkee]

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[017:087] Except as a mercy from your Lord. Verily, His Grace to you (O Muhammad [sal-All‚hu 'alayhi wa sallam]) is ever great.


[017:088] Say: "If mankind and the jinn were together to produce the like of this Qur'‚n, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they helped one another."


[017:089] And indeed We have fully explained to mankind, in this Qur'‚n, every kind of similitude, but most of mankind refuse (the truth and accept nothing) but disbelief.


[017:090] And they say: "We shall not believe in you (O Muhammad [sal-All‚hu 'alayhi wa sallam]), until you cause a spring to gush forth from the earth for us;


[017:091] "Or you have a garden of date palms and grapes, and cause rivers to gush forth in its midst abundantly;


[017:092] "Or you cause the heaven to fall upon us in pieces, as you have pretended, or you bring All‚h and the angels before (us) face to face;


[017:093] "Or you have a house of Zukhruf (like silver and pure gold), or you ascend up into the sky, and even then we will put no faith in your ascension until you bring down for us a Book that we would read." Say (O Muhammad [sal-All‚hu 'alayhi wa sallam]): "Glorified (and Exalted) is my Lord [(All‚h) above all that evil they (polytheists) associate with Him]! Am I anything but a man, sent as a Messenger?"


[017:094] And nothing prevented men from believing when the guidance came to them, except that they said: "Has All‚h sent a man as (His) Messenger?"


[017:095] Say: "If there were on the earth, angels walking about in peace and security, We should certainly have sent down for them from the heaven an angel as a Messenger."


[017:096] Say: "Sufficient is All‚h for a witness between me and you. Verily, He is Ever Well-Acquainted, All-Seer of His slaves."



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