019 - Soorah Maryam - (Mary (Mother of Jesus)) - [Makkee]

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[019:012] (It was said to his son): "O Yahy‚ (John)! Hold fast the Scripture [the Taur‚t (Torah)]." And We gave him wisdom while yet a child.


[019:013] And (made him) sympathetic to men as a mercy (or a grant) from Us, and pure from sins [i.e. Yahy‚ (John)] and he was righteous,


[019:014] And dutiful towards his parents, and he was neither arrogant nor disobedient (to All‚h or to his parents).


[019:015] And Sal‚m (peace) be on him the day he was born, and the day he dies, and the day he will be raised up to life (again)!


[019:016] And mention in the Book (the Qur'‚n, O Muhammad [sal-All‚hu 'alayhi wa sallam], the story of) Maryam (Mary), when she withdrew in seclusion from her family to a place facing east.


[019:017] She placed a screen (to screen herself) from them; then We sent to her Our Ruh [angel Jibr‚Ól (Gabriel)], and he appeared before her in the form of a man in all respects.


[019:018] She said: "Verily, I seek refuge with the Most Gracious (All‚h) from you, if you do fear All‚h."


[019:019] (The angel) said: "I am only a messenger from your Lord, (to announce) to you the gift of a righteous son."


[019:020] She said: "How can I have a son, when no man has touched me, nor am I unchaste?"


[019:021] He said: "So (it will be), your Lord said: 'That is easy for Me (All‚h). And (We wish) to appoint him as a sign to mankind and a mercy from Us (All‚h), and it is a matter (already) decreed (by All‚h).' "


[019:022] So she conceived him, and she withdrew with him to a far place (i.e. Bethlehem valley about 4-6 miles from Jerusalem).


[019:023] And the pains of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a date palm. She said: "Would that I had died before this, and had been forgotten and out of sight!"


[019:024] Then [the babe 'ős‚ (Jesus) or Jibr‚Ól (Gabriel)] cried to her from below her, saying: "Grieve not: your Lord has provided a water stream under you.


[019:025] "And shake the trunk of the date palm towards you, it will let fall fresh ripe dates upon you."




(V.19:22) "And (remember) she who guarded her chastity [Virgin Maryam (Mary)], We breathed into (the sleeves of) her (shirt or garment) [through Our RŻh (Jibr‚Ól -- Gabriel)],* and We made her and her son ['Is‚ (Jesus)] a sign for Al-'AlamÓn (mankind and jinn)." (V. 21:91)


* It is said that Jibr‚Ól (Gabriel) had merely breathed in the sleeve of Maryam's (Mary) shirt, and thus she conceived.


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