019 - Soorah Maryam - (Mary (Mother of Jesus)) - [Makkee]

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[019:026] "So eat and drink and be glad. And if you see any human being, say: 'Verily, I have vowed a fast to the Most Gracious (Allāh) so I shall not speak to any human being this day."'


[019:027] Then she brought him (the baby) to her people, carrying him. They said: "O Maryam (Mary)! Indeed you have brought a thing Fariyy (a mighty thing). (Tafsir At-Tabari)


[019:028] "O sister (i.e. the like) of Hārūn (Aaron)! Your father was not a man who used to commit adultery, nor your mother was an unchaste woman."


[019:029] Then she pointed to him. They said: "How can we talk to one who is a child in the cradle?"


[019:030] He ['Īsā (Jesus)] said: "Verily, I am a slave of Allāh, He has given me the Scripture and made me a Prophet;"


[019:031] "And He has made me blessed wheresoever I be, and has enjoined on me Salāt (prayer) and Zakāt (obligatory charity), as long as I live."


[019:032] "And dutiful to my mother, and made me not arrogant, unblest.


[019:033] "And Salām (peace) be upon me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive!"


[019:034] Such is 'Īsā (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary). (It is) a statement of truth about which they doubt (or dispute).


[019:035] It befits not (the Majesty of) Allāh that He should beget a son [this refers to the slander of Christians against Allāh, by saying that 'Īsā (Jesus) is the son of Allāh]. Glorified (and Exalted) is He (above all that they associate with Him). When He decrees a thing, He only says to it: "Be!" – and it is.


[019:036] ['Īsā (Jesus) said:] "And verily, Allāh is my Lord and your Lord. So worship Him (Alone). That is a Straight Path. (Allāh's religion of Islāmic Monotheism which He did ordain for all of His Prophets)." (Tafsir At-Tabarī)


[019:037] Then the sects differed [i.e. the Christians about 'Īsā (Jesus) ['alayhis-salām]], so woe to the disbelievers [those who gave false witness by saying that 'Īsā (Jesus) is the son of Allāh] from the Meeting of a great Day (i.e. the Day of Resurrection, when they will be thrown in the blazing Fire).


[019:038] How clearly will they (polytheists and disbelievers in the Oneness of Allāh) see and hear, the Day when they will appear before Us! But the Zalimūn (polytheists and wrong doers) today are in plain error.




(V.19:26) Fast here means abstinence from food and speech.


(V.19:28) This Hārūn (Aaron) is not the brother of Mūsā (Moses), but he was another pious man at the time of Maryam (Mary).


(V.19:29) See the footnote of (V.3:46).


(V.19:30) See the footnote No. 2 of (V.4:171).


(V.19:35) See the footnote of (V.2:116).


(V.19:37) See the footnote of (V.3:103).


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