020 - Soorah TaaHaa - [Makkee]

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[020:077] And indeed We revealed to Mūsā (Moses) (saying): "Travel by night with 'Ibādi (My slaves) and strike a dry path for them in the sea, fearing neither to be overtaken [by Fir'aun (Pharaoh)] nor being afraid (of drowning in the sea)."


[020:078] Then Fir'aun (Pharaoh) pursued them with his hosts, but the sea water completely overwhelmed them and covered them up.


[020:079] And Fir'aun (Pharaoh) led his people astray, and he did not guide them.


[020:080] O Children of Israel! We delivered you from your enemy, and We made a covenant with you on the right side of the Mount, and We sent down to you Al-Manna and quail,


[020:081] (Saying) eat of the Tayyibāt (good lawful things) wherewith We have provided you, and commit no transgression or oppression therein, lest My Anger should justly descend on you. And he on whom My Anger descends, he is indeed perished. (Tafsir At-Tabari)


[020:082] And verily, I am indeed forgiving to him who repents, believes (in My Oneness, and associates none in worship with Me) and does righteous good deeds, and then remains constant in doing them (till his death).


[020:083] "And what made you hasten from your people, O Mūsā (Moses)?"


[020:084] He said: "They are close on my footsteps, and I hastened to You, O my Lord, that You might be pleased."


[020:085] (Allāh) said: "Verily, We have tried your people in your absence, and As-Sāmirī has led them astray."


[020:086] Then Mūsā (Moses) returned to his people in a state of anger and sorrow. He said: "O my people! Did not your Lord promise you a fair promise? Did then the promise seem to you long in coming? Or did you desire that wrath should descend from your Lord on you, that you broke your promise to me (i.e. by disbelieving in Allāh and worshipping the calf)?"


[020:087] They said: "We broke not the promise to you, of our own will, but we were made to carry the weight of the ornaments of the [Fir'aun's (Pharaoh)] people, then we cast them (into the fire), and that was what As-Sāmirī did."




(V.20:80) See the footnote of (V.2:57).


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