028 - Soorah al-Qasas - (The Narration) - [Makkee]

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[028:085] Verily, He Who has given you (O Muhammad [sal-All‚hu 'alayhi wa sallam]) the Qur'‚n (i.e. ordered you to act on its laws and to preach it to others), will surely bring you back to Ma'‚d (place of return, either to Makkah or to Paradise after your death). Say (O Muhammad [sal-All‚hu 'alayhi wa sallam]): "My Lord is Aware of him who brings guidance, and of him who is in manifest error."


[028:086] And you were not expecting that the Book (this Qur'‚n) would be sent down to you, but it is a mercy from your Lord. So never be a supporter of the disbelievers.


[028:087] And let them not turn you (O Muhammad [sal-All‚hu 'alayhi wa sallam]) away from (preaching) the Ay‚t (revelations and verses) of All‚h after they have been sent down to you: and invite (men) to (believe in) your Lord and be not of Al-MushrikŻn (those who associate partners with All‚h, e.g. polytheists, pagans, idolaters, and those who disbelieve in the Oneness of All‚h and deny the Prophethood of Messenger Muhammad [sal-All‚hu 'alayhi wa sallam]).


[028:088] And invoke not any other il‚h (god) along with All‚h, L‚ il‚ha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He). Everything will perish except His Face. His is the Decision, and to Him you (all) shall be returned.




(V.28:87) i.e., in the Oneness (TauhÓd) of All‚h [Subh‚nahu wa Ta'‚la] (1) Oneness of the Lordship of All‚h; (2) Oneness of the worship of All‚h; (3) Oneness of the Names and Qualities of All‚h.


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