041 - Soorah Fussilat - (They are explained in detail) - [Makkee]

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[041:030] Verily, those who say: "Our Lord is Allâh (Alone)," and then they stand firm, on them the angels will descend (at the time of their death) (saying): "Fear not, nor grieve! But receive the glad tidings of Paradise which you have been promised!


[041:031] "We have been your friends in the life of this world and are (so) in the Hereafter. Therein you shall have (all) that your inner selves desire, and therein you shall have (all) for which you ask.


[041:032] "An entertainment from (Allâh), the Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."


[041:033] And who is better in speech than he who [says: "My Lord is Allâh (believes in His Oneness)," and then stands firm (acts upon His Order), and] invites (men) to Allâh's (Islâmic Monotheism), and does righteous deeds, and says: "I am one of the Muslims."


[041:034] The good deed and the evil deed cannot be equal. Repel (the evil) with one which is better (i.e. Allâh orders the faithful believers to be patient at the time of anger, and to excuse those who treat them badly) then verily he, between whom and you there was enmity, (will become) as though he was a close friend.


[041:035] But none is granted it (the above quality) except those who are patient – and none is granted it except the owner of the great portion (of happiness in the Hereafter, i.e., Paradise, and of a high moral character) in this world.


[041:036] And if an evil whisper from Shaitân (Satan) tries to turn you away (from doing good), then seek refuge in Allâh. Verily, He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.


[041:037] And from among His Signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Prostrate yourselves not to the sun nor to the moon, but prostrate yourselves to Allâh Who created them, if you (really) worship Him.


[041:038] But if they are too proud (to do so), then there are those who are with your Lord (angels) glorify Him night and day, and never are they tired.




(V.41:30) In Arabic Istaqâmû: stand firm, i.e. they followed (really) the religion of Islâmic Monotheism, believed in the Oneness of Allâh, and worshipped none but Him (Alone), and performed all that was ordained by Allâh (good deeds) and abstained from all that was forbidden by Allâh (sins and evil deeds).


(V.41:34) See the footnote of (V.3:134).


(V.41:38): See the footnote of (V.22:9).


(V.41:38) Prostration (see the List of Prostration Places of the end).


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