042 - Soorah ash-Shooraa - (The Consultation) - [Makkee]

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[042:016] And those who dispute concerning Allāh (His religion of Islāmic Monotheism with which Muhammad [sal-Allāhu 'alayhi wa sallam] has been sent), after it has been accepted (by the people), of no use is their dispute before their Lord and on them is wrath, and for them will be a severe torment.


[042:017] It is Allāh Who has sent down the Book (the Qur'ān) in truth, and the Balance (i.e. to act justly). And what can make you know that perhaps the Hour is close at hand?


[042:018] Those who believe not therein seek to hasten it, while those who believe are fearful of it, and know that it is the very truth. Verily, those who dispute concerning the Hour are certainly in error far away.


[042:019] Allāh is very Gracious and Kind to His slaves. He gives provisions to whom He wills. And He is the All-Strong, the All-Mighty.


[042:020] Whosoever desires (by his deeds) the reward of the Hereafter, We give him increase in his reward, and whosoever desires the reward of this world (by his deeds), We give him thereof (what is decreed for him), and he has no portion in the Hereafter.


[042:021] Or have they partners (with Allāh – false gods) who have instituted for them a religion which Allāh has not ordained? And had it not been for a decisive Word (gone forth already), the matter would have been judged between them. And verily, for the Zālimūn (polytheists and wrong doers) there is a painful torment.


[042:022] You will see (on the Day of Resurrection) the Zālimūn (polytheists and wrong doers) fearful of that which they have earned, and it (Allāh's torment) will surely befall them. But those who believe (in the Oneness of Allāh – Islāmic Monotheism) and do righteous deeds (will be) in the flowering meadows of the Gardens (Paradise). They shall have whatsoever they desire with their Lord. That is the supreme Grace (Paradise).




(V.42:16) See the footnote of (V.3:85).


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