060 - Soorah al-Mumtahanah - (The Woman to be examined) - [Madanee]

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[060:006] Certainly, there has been in them an excellent example for you to follow, for those who look forward to (the Meeting with) Allh and the Last Day. And whosoever turns away, then verily, Allh is the Rich (Free of all needs), the Worthy of all praise.


[060:007] Perhaps Allh will make friendship between you and those whom you hold as enemies. And Allh has power (over all things), and Allh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.


[060:008] Allh does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who fought not against you on account of religion nor drove you out of your homes. Verily, Allh loves those who deal with equity.


[060:009] It is only as regards those who fought against you on account of religion, and have driven you out of your homes, and helped to drive you out, that Allh forbids you to befriend them. And whosoever will befriend them, then such are the Zlimn (wrong doers those who disobey Allh).


[060:010] O you who believe! When believing women come to you as emigrants, examine them; Allh knows best as to their Faith, then if you ascertain that they are true believers send them not back to the disbelievers. They are not lawful (wives) for the disbelievers nor are the disbelievers lawful (husbands) for them. But give them (disbelievers) that (amount of money) which they have spent (as their Mahr) on them. And there will be no sin on you to marry them if you have paid their Mahr to them. Likewise hold not the disbelieving women as wives, and ask for (the return of) that which you have spent (as Mahr) and let them (the disbelievers) ask back for that which they have spent. That is the Judgement of Allh, He judges between you. And Allh is All-Knowing, All-Wise.


[060:011] And if any of your wives have gone from you to the disbelievers, (as apostates and you asked them to return back your Mahr but they refused) [then you went out for a Ghazwah (military expedition) against them and gained booty]; then pay (from that booty) to those whose wives have gone the equivalent of what they had spent (on their Mahr). And fear Allh in Whom you believe.




(V.60:10) Mahr: Bridal-money given by the husband to his wife at the time of wedding.


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