079 - Soorah an-Naazi'aat - (Those Who pull out) - [Makkee]

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In the Name of Allāh, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


[079:001] By those (angels) who pull out (the souls of the disbelievers and the wicked) with great violence.


[079:002] By those (angels) who gently take out (the souls of the believers).


[079:003] And by those that swim along (i.e. angels or planets in their orbits).


[079:004] And by those that press forward as in a race (i.e. the angels or stars or the horses).


[079:005] And by those angels who arrange to do the Commands of their Lord, (so verily, you disbelievers will be called to account).


[079:006] On the Day (when the first blowing of the Trumpet is blown), the earth and the mountains will shake violently (and everybody will die).


[079:007] The second blowing of the Trumpet follows it (and everybody will be resurrected).


[079:008] (Some) hearts that Day will shake with fear and anxiety.


[079:009] Their eyes will be downcast.


[079:010] They say: "Shall we indeed be returned to (our) former state of life?


[079:011] "Even after we are crumbled bones?"


[079:012] They say: "It would in that case be a return with loss!"


[079:013] But it will be only a single Zajrah [shout (i.e., the second blowing of the Trumpet)], (see Verse 37:19)


[079:014] When behold, they find themselves on the surface of the earth (alive after their death).


[079:015] Has there come to you the story of Mūsā (Moses)?



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