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[TROID] Benefit: We Hear and We Obey 09Nov2016 02:14 AM

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In the Name of All?h, the Ever Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy
If a prohibition reaches you, then refrain from it, and ask not whether it is impermissible or disliked. Likewise, if a command reaches you, then act accordingly and ask not whether it is obligated or recommended. When the Companions (may All?h be pleased with them) were commanded by the Prophet (?allá All?hu ?alayhi wa-sallam) they would not say, “O Messenger of All?h, did you mean it to be an obligation or was it a recommendation?” Rather they would carry out the commandment instantly.

My advice to every believer is that if a commandment from the commandments of All?h and His Messenger (?allall?hu ?alayhi wa-sallam) reaches them, they say: “We hear and we obey”, and they carry out that commandment. Likewise, if they hear a prohibition, they say: “We hear and we obey” and they abstain, and take not any risks. The most compliant to the commandments of All?h are indeed the strongest of people in faith.

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The only saying of the faithful believers, when they are called to All?h (His Words, the Qur??n) and His Messenger (?allall?hu ?alayhi wa-sallam) to judge between them, is that they say: "We hear and we obey." And such are the prosperous ones (who will live forever in Paradise).

Shaykh Mu?ammad ibn ??li? al-?Uthaym?n

Source: Liq?? al-B?b al-Maft?? 160.
Translated by: Mun?b al-?um?l?

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