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Salam from Mauritius. 28Aug2012 06:10 AM

post by Nuzhah
:inshaAllah:I 'll be often here .
My name is Nuzhah and am from Mauritius. Am veryyyyyyyyyyyy happy to be on this site.
This is a VERY interesting site and hope to learn a lot here especailly about islam. Ameen.

Re: Salam from Mauritius. 28Aug2012 06:44 AM

post by Hassan Basarally

Welcome Nuzhah

Re: Salam from Mauritius. 08Sep2012 02:51 AM

post by Servant
wa alaykum as salaam wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuh.
Ameen, wa ahlan.

Pls extend our salaams to our brothers and sisters all the way in Mauritius.

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