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Gatherings for Recreational Purposes - Ash Shaykh Uthman As-Saalimee (hafidhahullaah) 06Sep2011 12:58 AM

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Q. The brothers ask, is it permissible to specify a day in which they gather by the lot adjacent to the masjid, to play soccer and similar sports; they bring food and cook and so on. They also bring their families and their children, of course whilst observing the rulings that govern the mingling of men and women; however, there are no talks being given; there are no lectures on such a day. It is merely a gathering for entertainment for the brothers and their families.

A. The Shaykh (May Allaah Preserve Him) began his answer by saying: "As you know we cannot say that such is haram. It is incumbent, however, upon them to take this opportunity in this gathering of theirs to read some ahadeeth or perhaps some lessons in fiqh and that would be better for them. As regards to football (soccer) it is befitting and better for them to leave it, because today football (soccer) has become the trademark for some of the deviant people, and it is befitting for this reason that they shun this game and perhaps take another game instead..."
(The Shaykh continues with much more details)

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Derived Points of Benefit
  1. It is incumbent to take the opportunity to benefit from some type of 'ilm, read some ahadeeth or take lessons in fiqh etc.
  2. It is better to leave off football (soccer) as it has become a trademark of the deviant people
  3. If football (soccer) must be played like half an hour after 'asr prayer or between dhuhr and 'asr then this is NOT haram, once there is no gambling, or bickering and fighting between the brothers.
  4. This practice should not be taken as a habit where a certain day and time is specified to gather and engage in these activities. Once it is done sporadically then there is no harm in it
  5. Keep in mind it is better to invest one's time more wisely!
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