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The Correct Islamic Position towards ISIS | Shaykh Saalih as-Suhaymee 07Jul2014 03:58 AM

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The Correct Islamic Position towards ISIS | Shaykh Saalih as-Suhaymee

The Correct Islamic Position on ISIS | Shaykh Saalih as-Suhaymee



Some of the fanatical youth have gone to Syria for Jihad and joined the group which is known as the Islamic State [ISIS], and he mentioned that what is being spread about them such as acts of killing and terrorism is not true, so what is the correct position regarding this group?
Shaykh Saalih as-Suhaymee:

The correct position is: that it is a Khawarij Takfeeri group. They killed my cousin’s son a few days ago claiming that he is an apostate; because he was part of a different militia faction [Jabhat Al-Nusra]. Both factions have taken the wrong path, regardless of whether they are called an-Nusra or Daaish [ISIS]. However, the latter is worse because the latter does not observe. [Actually]… neither of them have regard for the believers pact of kinship or protection! The nonsense which they announced two or three days ago is sufficient, which is the claim that allegiance must be pledged to the Caliph, whom they claim is the Caliph of the Muslims [worldwide]. These people made some of our youth who joined their group – the first thing they had to do was violate their bay’ah [pledge of allegiance] which they are bound by [to the ruler of Saudi Arabia], and you know the ruling of violating the bay’ah. All of us are bound by a bay’ah, and you [the audience] are bound by a bay’ah to the ruler of this country [UAE].

So this is treachery and betrayal. The betrayer has a flag raised for him which has written on it “This is the betrayal of so-and-so”. And whoever violates the bay’ah is in danger. He is in danger! [the Prophet ﷺ said]: “Whoever separates from the Jama’ah by as little as a hand span, and dies (upon that) then his death is one of jaahiliyah (pre-Islamic ignorance)“. And [he said]: “Whoever withdraws his hand of obedience (to the leader) and separates from the Jama’ah will meet Allah with no proof in his favour“. So these people have violated their agreements and are in breach of their treaties. And they are as far away as can be from the truth. They declare the scholars to be disbelievers, and declare our rulers to be disbelievers. And they have no concern except for takfeer (declaring Muslims to be disbelievers). This is (all) that they know, and what they believe to be the (whole) of the religion. They were deluded by the fatawa (Islamic verdicts) of some of the foolish ones who hide behind the scenes.
And they are of two categories: 1. Those who give fatwas while they are (out there) with them – they [the youth] have taken them as their scholars and have become attached to them, and they do not return to the judgement of Allah, nor do they return to the senior scholars. So [this is the first] of the two types.

There is another type who give fatwa while sitting [far from harm’s way], they give fatwas while in our countries supporting these [groups], and encourage [others] to go to this inferno which they burned [out] the Muslim youth, without any objective. They fight under a blind banner, under a banner of partisanship, and banners of ignorance. The Prophet ﷺ said: “The one who fights under a blind banner is not from us, He fights for partisanship or calls to partisanship“. These people are ignorant, Ignoramuses, young in age, and foolish minded.The Prophet ﷺ warned against them (the Khawarij) and said: “Were I to reach them (when they appear), I would slaughter them with the slaughtering of [the people of] ‘Aad.

And he said: “The best martyr is one whom they (the Khawarij) kill“. And “They are the worst of those who are killed under the sky” And he said that they are the “Dogs of the hell fire“. And that “They read the Qur’an but it does not go beyond their throats“. And that “They leave the religion just as the arrow leaves the bow. They will not return to it until the arrow returns to its bow“. And he called them “Dogs of the hellfire“. And he mentioned that “They will appear in every century, and whenever they appear they will be cut off, until the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) appears from amongst them” And he said: “You will belittle your prayer in comparison to their prayer, and your worship in comparison to their worship” and other than that from their descriptions which the Prophet ﷺ clarified.

And they are the murders of Ali and the murders of Uthman [may Allah be pleased with both of them]. And they murder the people of Islam and leave [in peace] who? The idol worshippers. As the Truthful and the Confirmed one said about them ﷺ. Their forefathers are the murders of Uthman. One of them went to his [Uthman’s] virtuous skull after they decapitated it from his body and this cursed false-claimer said: “Wallahi I haven’t known a single day from Allah’s days nor a day from the days of jihad better than today”. As for the murder of Ali [may Allah be pleased with him], he was Abd ur-Rahman ibn Muljam, who said: “I have poisoned this spear and it has nine heads: three of them are for Allah and his Messenger, and the remaining six of these heads I poisoned them out of hatred for Ali” [may Allah be pleased with him].

For that reason his companion Imran ibn Hittan said: “O’ that strike from a pious person, he did not want anything from it except to achieve forgiveness from the throne (of Allah). I remember him on that day, so I consider him to be the most sincere of human creatures to Allah“. So one of the Salaf responded to him by saying: “O’ that strike from a wretched person, he did not want anything from it except to achieve [complete] loss from the throne [of Allah]. I remember him on that day, so I consider him to be the most wretched of human creatures to Allah“. From the signs of these people, oh my brothers, is concealment. Is our religion a religion of clarity or secret? A clear religion or a covert religion? It is a clear religion! We have nothing to hide! Which is why Sufyan ath-Thawri [may Allah have mercy on him] said: “If you see the people having secret counsels in regards to their religion, excluding the general folk, then know they are in the process of establishing of misguidance“. I directed a call [lecture] from the Prophets mosque four days ago in response to the claimer of the caliph and his deceitful lying followers who made bay’ah to him. So I ask that you spread it everywhere, perhaps it will be considered (in our favour) with Allah the most Blessed and High.

Translated by Ahmad al-Filistini
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