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[TROID] Audio: Clarifying the Doubts of Bashir Shiil 09Mar2015 06:26 PM

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By the Noble Scholar and Muft?, Shaykh A?mad ibn Ya?ya? al-Najm?
The late scholar and former Muft? of J?z?n, al-?All?mah A?mad ibn Ya?ya? al-Najm? (rahimahull?h), answers questions concerning the statements of Bashir Shiil, Im?m of Kh?lid ibn al-Wal?d Mosque in Toronto, Canada. The recording, which took place in 2003, clarifies the mistaken statements of Shiil and his opposition to the manhaj of the Salaf. This lesson with a true scholar shows how Shiil and those like him seek to cut off the connection between the (Somali) youth and the scholars of our time.
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