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Asalaamu Alaikum 28Oct2006 12:11 AM

post by musa_h
Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, alhamdulillah this site may be beneficial. May Allah reward the person who started it....ameen.

28Oct2006 07:13 AM

post by Servant
wa alaykum as salaam, wa rahmatullah, wa barakaah

Ameen,, but may Allah also reward those who sincerely post for the benefit of the Muslims, and in the Cause of Allah's deen.. Ameen.

Thanks for joining & hope to see you back soon inshaAllah

07Nov2006 08:28 AM

post by Yahiyya
Welcome and Wasalaam Bro!!

07Nov2006 03:34 PM

post by
Wa Salaam bro.

10Nov2006 12:50 PM

post by Rashidah
Wa-alakium-Salaam brother i hope you get the maximum benefit you can from this site :inshaAllah:

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