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Be with the Carriers of Books! 01Nov2011 05:02 PM

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Be with the Carriers of Books

It is reported that Imâm ‘Abd Al-Rahmân b. Mahdî – Allâh have mercy on him – said, following a mention of the Sȗfîah (Sufis):

Do not sit with them, nor with the followers of Kalâm.(1) Be with the carriers of books,(2) for they are like mines, like those who descend: one brings up a gem and another a nugget of gold.

Ibn Battah, Al-Ibânah Al-Kubrâ article 483.

(1) Speculative theology, drawn from foreign philosophy and logic, as practiced by sects such as the Jahmia and Mutazila.

(2) Arabic al-qamâtir: covers or folders used to keep written material. ‘Carriers of books’ refers to the scholars and students who occupied themselves with Islamic knowledge and hadîth.

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