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Asalaamu Alaikum... 25Dec2007 03:05 AM

post by Ummie
Kefa halukum ya ummahti I am new here (if can call lurking for months new) I'm a yankee girl with a carribean heart and a love for curry. I have been muslim for about 15 years wal hamdulillah. I found this forum doing a search on google and once I signed up, i am amazed at the amount of muslims in from the Islands, I had no idea.

So anyway, may Allah grant you all, all that is good in this life and the next. i will post at times but i mostly just read the posting.

Barakallahu feekum,

Umm Hafsa

25Dec2007 07:38 AM

post by Ibn Shareef

Ahlan wa Sahlan wa Marhaban bik!

Good to have you on board...

Nahnu fee 'aafiyah wal hamdulillaah.

(and hey, who doesn't like curry?)

wa feeki baarakillaah!

25Dec2007 12:31 PM

post by mauslim
Ahlaaaaaan wa marhaban. Hope you give us some benefit and likewise we benefit from you.

25Dec2007 08:54 PM

post by amatullah_aa

wa feeki baarakillaah!!

26Dec2007 10:04 AM

post by
:wswrwb: and Welcome!

24Jan2008 06:49 PM

post by Fi
:ws::mrgreen: welcome!!

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