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[TROID] TROIDStore Rep. in Saudi Arabia (Apr. 4th - Apr. 15th) 02Apr2017 03:33 AM

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If you live in or will be in Makkah or Mad?nah during the aforementioned dates, you can make a pre-order from TROIDStore and avoid high international shipping/taxes (a great opportunity - limited weight available).
Makkah availability: April 4-7 2017
Mad?nah availability: April 9-15 2017
[note: other KSA cities - unavailable - you must be able to meet in Makkah/Mad?nah or have someone pay/collect for you]
List of available titles:
BKS-1 — The Creed of the Four Imaams — 18.00 USD
BKS-5 — Exemplary Principles Concerning Beautiful Names of Allah — 24.00 USD
BKS-6 — Fundamentals of the Salafee Methodology — 17.00 USD
BKS-8 — Essential Questions & Answers Concerning the Foundations Imaan — 12.00 USD
BKS-9 — Things that nullify One's Islam — 15.00USD
BKS-11 — Upright Moral Character — 10.00 USD
BKS-12 — The Legislative Position on Quraan Khwaanee — 7.00 USD
BKS-13/BKS-14 — Lessons and Benefits from The Marital Life of the Prophet — 10.00 USD
BKS-16 — How to Protect Yourself from Shaytaan — 12.00 USD
BKS-17 — Some Benefits from Sooratul—Faatihah — 8.00 USD
BKS-18 — The Excellence of Following the Sunnah — 9.00 USD
BKS-19 — The Correct Creed that Every Muslim Must Know — 16.00 USD
BKS-20 —Be Salafi Upon The Path — 15.00 USD
BKS-21 — The Legislated Types of Jihad & The Deviation of the Extremists — 10.00 USD
BKS-22 — Laa Ilaaha Ill-allah Its Meaning. Pillers. Conditions. Nullifiers. What It Necessities — 8.00 USD
BKS-23 — Essential Questions and Answers on the Salafee Methodology — 7.00 USD
BKS-24 — The Isl?mic Creed for Children — 9.00 USD
BKS-25 —The Deviation of the Youth: Its Causes and the Means to Remedy It — 6.00 USD
BKS-27 — Understanding your Testimony — 10.00 USD
Instructions for pre-order:
Email with your order from the aforementioned titles. Include your collection city, collection day, phone number, email address and name.
Minimum order: $50 USD. [Payment can be made in USD or SAR (at SAR selling rates)]
Note: we are only offering TROID Publications.

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