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Salaams.....Finally a good site! Yes i'm new... 19Mar2007 06:04 PM

post by islandmint
Hi people!

Uhm, I havent done this for a while, but I was so happy to find a site like this! I'm one of those muslims who is tryin to be better, so I'm hoping for a little encouragement and dialogue here... i'm very open-minded and also eager to converse things, and I like ppl who are the same... so i dunno, hit me up some time I guess and I'm very excited to join in the discussions here...

19Mar2007 06:47 PM

post by
:wswrwb: :welcome:

Nice to have you on board Bro \ Sis?

19Mar2007 10:26 PM

post by islandmint
sis i am :) sorry i didnt do that properly.... 25 y.o. is that about correct now? r u bro/sis?

19Mar2007 10:43 PM

post by
:lol: I am of the brethren!

Welcome and there is a private sister's forum you can join by requesting permission from Shanaz Insha Allah.

19Mar2007 11:50 PM

post by Servant
wow.. energy :)


welcome ukhti.....

21Mar2007 01:19 PM

post by Fi

Welcome :P

21Mar2007 11:10 PM

post by Min Ahlil Hadeeth
Ahlan wa Sahlan wa Marhaban biki Ya Ukhti... :D

20Apr2007 07:17 PM

post by adheim
asalam wa alikume dude

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