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mp3 audio Comprehensive Lectures, by Dr. Saleh as-Saleeh (raheemullah)

Dr Saleh As-Saleh (rahimahullaah) was from the foremost students of Shaykh Ibnul-Uthaymeen (rahimahullaah). He took knowledge from the Shaykh from a long distance for a while, then on a continuous basis from 1412-1415H and then regularly from 1415H where he became a dedicated student and studied with him until his death in 1421H. Dr Saleh lived around 500 yards from Shaykh’s Ibnul-Uthaymeen’s house and has been blessed by Allaah to have obtained a PHd in Medical Biochemistry and was a professor at Qaasim University, KSA. Furthermore, he was a well-known author of many great writings and books. He resided in 'Unayzah, KSA and was active in his call to the salafi da’wah. He used to hold regular classes in the English Language on Paltalk.

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UPDATE: These lectures can now be found at the link below,
inshaAllaah.. where they're a little better organized..

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