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Feed [TROID] Class: The Explanation of the Six Fundamental Principles

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Explanation of The Six Fundamental Principles

Shaykh al-Islaam Muhammad Ibn 'Abdil-Wahhaab
Using the Explanation of Shaykh Muhammad Amaan al-Jaamee
Taught by: Sulaymaan al-Hayitee

(not provided)

Private Sisters Only Class - Saturdays at 5:30PM ET
Details:Theme - 'Aqeedah (Islamic Religious Beliefs)
Format: 60 min. lesson with selected Q&A ocassionally
Day - Saturdays @ 5:30PM ET
Online Attendance: Not Online
Local Attendance - Masjid al-Furqaan and Islaamic Centre (TROID) 874-A Weston Rd. Toronto, ON. - study group for SISTERS ONLY
Forum: none
Fees: $0, free for all to attend

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