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Youtube Implement Tawheed until Death ? Shaykh Muhammad al-Jaami

Shaykh Muhammad al-Jaami: The implementation of Tawheed means to concentrate all of one’s devotion to Allah with clear intent, pure and free from the filth of shirk, bidah, and persistence upon sin. And if one slips [in this matter], he hastens to sincere repentance. So, whosoever is as such has indeed implemented Tawheed. The paramount aspect of this issue is that one has patience upon this [Tawheed], such that he perseveres upon it in so that he meets Allah whilst upon it, before being trailed with temptation.*It could be that an individual is blessed with sincerity, an intense level of devotion and implementation of Tawheed, however he may backslide – Allah’s refuge is sought. For that reason actions are based upon the last deeds [of an individual], [meaning] this issue is conditional to his appointed time of death, such that he departs from the world upon this (Tawheed) before backsliding or falling into temptation. Due to this, Abdullah ibn Masoud would say to his students: “Follow the way of those who have died [the scholars], emulate those who have died, for there is no guarantee that the one who is still alive will saved from fitnah.” Whoever an individual it […]

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