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Youtube ?He [Yahya al-Hajoori] needs to Repent, Indeed Allah becomes Happy when His servent Repents? ? Shaykh Abdur-Rahman Muhiyideen

Questioner: Recently an article has been spread between some websites, in which you mentioned the repentance of Yahya al-Hajoori and that he arrived to Makkah to repent. So what is your advice [with regards to it]? Shaykh Abdur-Rahman Muhiyideen All praise is due to Allah, and may Allah the peace and salutations be upon the Messenger of Allah, his household, his companions and whoever follows their guidance. Firstly, it is binding to understand that Allah is happy with the repentance of His servant, more happy than one of us who loses his camel in a waterless desert [after finding it], as has been narrated in the hadith.*When some of the brothers informed me of the arrival of Yahya al-Hajoori to Makkah, I became happy and said – perhaps he will repent or perhaps he has repented from the numerous academic and Manhaj mistakes that have occurred from him,*or from the wicked statements that have appeared in his speech – [statements] that a servant would be shy to utter. *So I said – perhaps he has repented from this, and Alhamdulilah we became happy with this. [Since] the Prophet said “Do not help the Shaytaan over your brother”.*However, if he remains […]

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