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Youtube This Masjid Invites both Innovators and Sunnis ? Should I Teach in such a Masjid? ? Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan

Questioner: We have some masajid in Britain that bring a person who is upon the methodology of the Sunnah, in order that he may teach or lecture people about Tawheed.*Then on following day, they will bring a Sufi or Ash’ari who will teach the people Sufi or Ash’ari [aqeedah]. Is it permissible for this Sunni preacher to teach in such a masjid? Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan: No, If they [the masajid] mix between him [the Sunni] and an innovator or a deviant, it is not permissible for him [to teach there].*This is because, they are using him as a disguise. They say [to the people], ‘We teach Tawheed and we listen to lectures in Tawheed!’*This is not correct, since this is mixing the truth and falsehood. **[The Sunni] should place a condition on them and say, ‘I will teach or deliver lectures for you on a condition that you do not bring individuals whom are in opposition to that which I say [teach] to you and call you to.

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