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Feed [TROID] Seminar: Bul?gh al-Mar?m - The Chapter of Purification

Shaykh ?asan ibn ?Abd al-Wahh?b al-Banná, Ab? Mu??dh Taqw?m Aslam
A seminar delivered in Toronto, January 2017. Ab? Mu??dh Taqw?m Aslam, a graduate of the University of Mad?nah in the Faculty of ?ad?th Sciences, delivered a series of highly beneficial lectures going through the famous book, Bul?gh al-Mar?m: Chapter of Purification, by ??fi? ibn Hajar al-Asqal?n? (ra?imahull?h), drawing upon the explanation of Shaykh ??li? al-Fawz?n (hafi?ahullah). Bul?gh al-Mar?m is comprised of chapters, each of which has several narrations which are related to that particular chapter and its rulings. The opening chapter is the Chapter of Purification, which comprises of issues related to wu???, ghu?l, tayammum and so on, which are briefly touched upon in these series of lectures.

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