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Green Flag Ignorance and the Sword

Ignorance and the Sword

It is reported tha Al-Hasan Al-BasrÓ – All‚h have mercy on him – said: One who acts without knowledge is like one who travels off the path; and the one who acts without knowledge corrupts more than he rectifies. So seek knowledge in a way that does not harm your worship, and seek to worship [...]
This is from Sayings of the Salaf - English translations of narrations from the Salaf - the earliest believers, our righteous predecessors, and true scholars of Islam. Selected and translated by Owais Al-Hashimi

  1. Umar and the Black Stone
  2. Two Requirements for Knowledge
  3. At the Doorstep of Knowledge
  4. Troubled Times [corrupt scholars]
  5. Knowledge transforms the student

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