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See the thread on Qadiyanis in the Question and Answers forum

The followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian are called Qadianis or Ahmadis, whether they may regard him as a real Prophet; or a ‘Zilli or Buroozi’ (through rebirth according to Hindus’ reincarnation) Prophet; as the ‘Masih Mau’ud; a reformer; (Muhaddas) (one who talks with God), Hazrat Ibrahim, Sri Krishna, even God.
Whatever may they regard him, they are invariably non-Muslims, rather traitors, both to Islam and to the Millat-e-Islamiyah. But they fraudulently claim to be one of the Muslim sects like the Hanafis, the Malikis, the Shafies and the Hanbalis, who are undoubtedly pristine and puritan Muslims. There is not an iota of truth in the Qadianis’ such fraudulent claims. This is a worst type of fraud on their part, motivated to misguide the simple-minded Muslims.
The Qadianis are unanimously held by the recognised authorities of Islam to be non-Muslims, and not a Muslim sect, whether they may belong to the ‘Rabwa group or to the ‘Lahore’ group. Both groups are non-Muslims.
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