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Feed [TROID] The Ruling on Giving Mushafs to Christians - Shaykh Ibn Baz

In the name of All?h, al-Rahm?n, al-Rah?m
From the greatest scholars of the Ummah in the last century was al-`All?mah al-Shakyh `Abd al-`Az?z ibn 'Abdill„h Ibn B?z rahimahull?h. His firmly grounded knowledge of the religion, wisdom, and piety, were characteristics that made him recognized by Muslims internationally. A collection of his rulings, al-Majm?' al-Fat?w?, is an outstanding example of these aformentioned characeristics. In this ruling presented by M?s? Richardson, Shaykh Ibn B?z touches on a issue that many Muslims in the West can relate to. In the da`wah to disbelievers, is it permissible to give them the Mushaf to read? Listen to the short benefit and gain a greater understanding of your religion, may Allaah increase you in beneficial knowledge and righteous actions.
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