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Feed [TROID] Benefit: Give What You Can O Salaf?!

In the name of All?h, al-Ra?m?n, al-Rah?m
An admonition from the late Ab? Uways (ra?imahull?h) to the community to give before the time comes when there will be no one to give zak?h too. He laments how we used to spend money and support frivilous causes in jahilliyah or before coming to the Sunnah. He also gives an example of the one who claims to love Salafiyyah but does not want to give to the masjid because he doesn't agree with some of the people on the sh?rah or how they run the masjid. He asks: you don't see it, ilm-online (telelinks), students of knowledge overseas, connections to the schoalrs etc (the Shayt?n is real!)? A straight-talking clear advice about giving and not wastintg the opportunity to aid the da?wah.

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