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True Certainty

It is reported that ʿAbdull?h b. Masʿ?d – All?h be pleased with him – said:
It is part of sure belief (yaq?n) [in All?h] that you do not please the people by angering All?h, and do not praise anyone [else] for what All?h has provided you, and do not blame anyone for what All?h has not given you. For verily, the provision of All?h is not gained by the keenness of those who are keen [for you to have it], nor is it prevented by the hatred of those who hate [for you to have it]. And verily All?h, in His justice, made happiness and joy in being certain and content [with All?h], and made worry and sadness in doubt and anger.
Hann?d b. Al-Sar?, Al-Zuhd, article 535.
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  2. Beneficial Brotherhood and Love
  3. Wolves in Sheeps’ Clothing
  4. Believers and Chameleons
  5. Sincere Faith

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